Hello there fellow follower of my comics and whatever other nonsense that I make in my spare time, welcome to the page that explains possibility everything you may already know or not know about Sonic Dashly. So let's dive right in about why I made it in the first place.

If you're a resident here at Smackjeeves you may have already noticed that nearly every day, there's at least a new Sonic sprite web comic being made in the already hundreds that are filled on this wonderful site, most of them are good, some are bad and the others... well I won't say anything about them. I decided to make Sonic Dashly to try and branch out the numerous clichés and traits that Sonic Sprite comics have made over the years and trust me; I've been on Smackjeeves since 2006 (hell even longer before I came here back in 2004 but that's a different story.)

There are two sides you can look at Sonic Dashly, one side is trying to make fun of everything in Sonic's history whether from the games, comics and any other media the characters have been placed in. The other side is a huge 'Take that' to all the silly things that I seen in the series, making fun of character interpretations, 'serious' plots and the whacky nature of Sonic. I mean in the first plot for Sonic Dashly it was making fun of the concept of Chilli Dogs, the random new character (or fan character) who just happens to befriend the cast and try stop EggMan or Robotnik or Baldy McNosehair whatever.

But please don't take this the wrong way as my friend Dslad and I are still enjoy making the comics as we get too much enjoyment from the craziness that we approach with the comic and I hope you folks are loving it as well; if not well go read Sonic Future then.

I'll add more info here anytime but for now GOTTA JUICE!