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January 14th, 2013, 4:36 pm

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Unlike Shadow, I kinda like Silver.

Strange isn't it?
G.B.A, January 14th, 2013, 4:39 pm Reply

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Silver: Winner of the 06 Fan character contest :U he'll never be remembered

Well to be fair, Silver doesn't have a generic 'tragic' backstory.

@Auria: ...the burning buildings?

It's not as generic as Shadow's.


Shadow and Silver have dark and edgy back-stories, however Shadow has put it behind him (Unfortunately the fan-base does not agree on that) while Silver wants to help save his timeline from further destruction unless Sonic Team finally decides to change it to consist with Sonic's timeline.

But hey, in my opinion, I'm getting quite bored of these tragic back-stories.

Which is why we need more characters like Big.

I actually don't really like Silver. Yeah, I can symphasize with him but he's just so whiny and annoying. Unlike Shadow who still maintains his composure.

Edit: I kind of like some backstory. It makes a character more interesting.

@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Then you're going to love Shadow in Transformed.

"Go for it"

Edit:Man Shadow the hedgehog was a terrible backstory game, the canon story is pure Hero when Shadow doesn't find out shit about his past and ends up putting it behind him as he's not getting any answers


But Big the Cat is a discontinued character now.

@King_Rover: Pretty sure the canon ending was the Last story, where he learns just about EVERYTHING, but decides it doesn't matter anymore. Plus, the Last story was the only place where we got confirmation that, yes, he is the real Shadow.

@Jarkes: It's stated that the Pure Hero Run is canon, which means he never has flashbacks sequences and is the closest thing that connects to the last story.

We do find out he is the real Shadow, but in reality he lets his past go instead of chasing after it.

Silver white being... is in transparency in their sight.

Poor None existence character! XD

Wasn't that news posted on April Fools?


Jokes on you then.

@King_Rover: I'm not trying to start a fan fight here. I'm not gonna tell you to like Shadow, or the game. But you are wrong about the story. In the canon you find out pretty much everything that wasn't revealed in Sonic Adventure 2. We even figure out he is the real Shadow. Yeah, after figuring out the past, instead of him to get vengeance, he does put it behind him and decides to now live his own life in the present.
Something I liked because it showed some character development, however the fandom likes to believe he is still an emo that dwells in the past.

@Ultimate the Hedgehog:
I'm not disagreeing with you nor am I starting a fan fight.

But hey just in case you are not reading any of this because you think I'm arguing with you.

The Shadow the hedgehog (Sega confirmed canon ending)
Westopolis - Shadow Kills all black doom soldiers here

Lethal Highway - Shadow chases down a black doom ship and destroys it with Sonic then fights black bull

Circus Park - Helps Tails with rings and sneaks off with the 4th chaos emerald

Death Ruins - With Rouge's help tracks down black doom, and kills black bull again

Lost Impact - After Stealing A Chaos Emerald that was powering Tails new ship, he has a flashback (lol woops)
About Destroying Arifical Chaos with Maria but with holds no reference to this as it seems as a side story with no connection

Then it's the Final haunt where He fights black doom 3 times (Last story included)

And that's the Sega Canon Shadow the hedgehog.

For all you care (which you probably don't at this point because you think I'm arguing with you) I said nothing wrong other than forgetting one flashback (which doesn't mean much to shadow in the story for some odd reason)

But in all the honest truth, the story for Shadow the hedgehog is rushed, unfinished, and practically uncanon at this point as no one ever references the Black doom army ever again.

Then again what do you expect from a rushed spin off of a plothole in Sonic Heroes? (Yes I know Eggman says Shadow is the same one, but you have to wait 9-10 minutes in the final boss which can be swept in 1-4 minutes)

Again You said nothing wrong, and I said nothing wrong.

So what made you think I was mad (sorry about this massive wall of text)


I never thought you were mad. Just was telling you (and everyone else that would get in on the conversation) that this was not a fight but more like just a conversation.

As to everything you just said. I consider is canon because it connects to like three other Sonic games. Something Sonic games hardly ever do. However, I do agree that they could've slowed it down a bit. The plot did feel rushed and should I say, I do wish there was another refernce to it in future games... well I think it's too late now that Sega decided to retcon a bunch of shit and stop making story arcs.

@Ultimate the Hedgehog

"Stop making story arc."

Sorry for your loss, but I never could take the 'serious' stories well in the Sonic games.

I really like the new approach with not taking itself seriously anymore because let's face the facts boys and gals:

It's a cartoony blue hedgehog trying to stop a fat egg shaped lunatic of a man from taking over the world using weird robots and contraptions.

Anyway nuff said please.

Big is a nice character in all but he's just so, so... i can't really explain it.
though if anything they should bring back characters like Mighty and Ray and maybe make Honey an official sonic character just because she's awesome.

@G.B.A: The reason you like silver is because its no use!!

Talk about "Tears of an Absolution"!

...Eh? ...Eh?

....No one?

*forever alone*

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