Rock Placement


March 4th, 2013, 1:19 pm


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I got ill and I still managed to make a comic. Heh-*Dead*
G.B.A, March 4th, 2013, 1:19 pm Reply

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RockPlace Milkshake sounds like a Restaurant.

(Hope you get better mate)

Would you like some rocking fries with your milkshake?

Damnit Chaos, damnit Tikal, this is all your fault.


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lol Casher's face is like: -__-

*Puts on "Rock the place" and boogies to it*

People keep saying Sonic can beat Goku, but they keep using Archie Sonic, People need to stop using Archie garage and stick to the games, we are taking about SEGA'S Sonic the Hedgehog! Leave the Archie comic garbage out!

I heard that sega is making SA3, maby now, it will be a serious story again, but fun at the same time. we have not have a fun/serious sonic game in years! Do not get the wrong idea, we like the fun games as much as the next person,but it would be good again to have a serious story again. what do you think about that game?


I don't really care.

Story has never been a strong element in the Sonic games, that's why I enjoy the simpler ones for example Heroes and Colours.

I don't really know why people are obsessed with adding dark material in the Sonic series, it may have worked in the early 3D days but now... it's quite campy.

In my opinion the real reason why people care so much about the Darker and Edger stuff now is because of the introduction to Shadow's gang and Silver's bad future.

If Sonic Team really wanted to expand them so badly, why not just separate them in their own spin-off franchises like Nintendo does with their Mario characters; Yoshi, Wario and Luigi Mario's brother.

All I really want is another fun game where you play as Sonic, Tails or Knuckles.

But I doubt that because the Sonic fanbase is the best fanbase in the world.

Well, that is fine, but most people seem to forget the fact that there is a difference between a serious story and a dark story, DBZ is serious, Naruto is Dark, thank you for your own honest opinion, and keep up this funny story, as long as people love it. It is find.

Also, fans wanted a form that will actually corrupt Sonic himself, people also hated the fact that werehog wasn't acting angry.

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