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April 2nd, 2013, 9:45 am


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Let's give Ray an around of applause for causing the destruction of our planet ladies and gentlemen!

G.B.A, April 2nd, 2013, 9:45 am Reply

Advertisement, June 22nd, 2018, 4:09 am Reply

Damn and I was actually hoping that Nazo would remain in a good mood.

But I thought Vector killed Ray... unless...



Ray you just doomed us all!

Splish splash splosh.

Eh, Sega retconned Ray out of Sonic Canon anyway.


Confirmed for Brawl.

Sonic Sonic and Sonic Dashly are blood brothers.

@TouhouShake: Dohohoho You're gonna love Season 4 of SONIC Sonic.

Oh there's that evil streak we've been waiting to see! XD

Nazo how could you?

I saw like two animated movie refereces.

When Nazo doesn't feel good, noone feels anything!

If SEGA started taking the darker roots from Marvel, Sonic would be killing a lot of people. Let's be honest here, do fans really want to see Sonic killing people? I don't like the fact that Sonic is taking the Mario root, but I don't want Sonic to take the Marvel root too and having him murder his foes rather then fighting them and leaving to live. Sonic was more like DBZ in the dreamcast era, Marvel was Dark, If Sonic became more like Marvel, Werehog would be killing everybody in a blind rage, Amy would be more like Thor, since his hammer can only be lifted by certain people, and having Shadow become like Punisher, I don't want the Sonic series to become that. Archie Sonic is actually becoming less DBZ, and more Marvel, SEGA is better off sticking to the DBZ root, everybody having standards and not killing people on a daily bases. Sonic to me, is more like DBZ, definitively not Marvel.

@G.B.A: Dude! Have you not seen what has been happening in Archie lately!? I am not trolling, some of the recent comics have been having problems now, and the stories look like something that came out of Marvel, but don't take my word for it, read them.

@Guest: Dude for the last time shut up! I read it and I don't see it. Fleetway was darker.


I read Marvel comics (WHAT A HUGE SHOCK THERE) and let me tell you something.

You're wrong. Oh you're soooo wrong...

First I don't think SEGA/Sonic Team is going to do something like the Marvel NOW line up, but I would so play a game called the SUPERIOR SONIC and the INDESTRUCTIBLE SHADOW!

Second of all, I don't really care much about Archie.

Third of all, You want the Sonic series to go back to being DBZish? Really? I never noticed it was like that. In-fact it's YOU PEOPLE who think the Sonic franchise is the furry version of DBZ.

It's not.

So what if Sonic is trying to be Mario? Wait a minute here... wasn't Sonic made specifically for that? So they can cash in on the famous Mascot thingymajig?

It's called trying to keep up with the times. Take your nostalgia goggles off, get yourself out of the 90s and just stop before you embarrass yourself here.

Sheesh, and I thought the Civil War plot comment was the dumbest thing I've read and seen here on Smackjeeves.

@G.B.A: I thought it was the same guy

fuck sonic dashly update g.b.a's crib

@Smiffy SMF <3

Party pooper. No cake for you.

Oh my word this was posted on my 10th birthday
yay :3

@Porky: (Throws sonic mania plus at you) NOPE HES CANNON.

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