Fool me twice


May 2nd, 2013, 5:34 pm


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What a shame.
G.B.A, May 2nd, 2013, 5:34 pm Reply

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The shock twist that broke the comments.


If you're trying to scare me, you're five years late.

Have you ever notice that Saga has never talked about the origin of Sonic? We know about Shadow's origin, we know about Chip's origin, heck, we even know more about eggman's backstory, but we know abosultely nothing about Sonic's back story, how do you have a main character that has been the star of the franchise for a long time, yet we don't know a thing about their backstory? All Sega say was Sonic came from Christmas Island, that's it!? That question has been on the minds of many fans, how Sonic became the way he is a big hidden answer.


That's up to them whether or not they will do Sonic's Secret Origin story. But in the end, even if they did his back-story wouldn't be able to hold up to everyone else' in the series, especially Knuckle's, Shadow's, Blaze's, Silver's etc.

Then again there are a lot of characters out there who have very little back-story expanded on them.

But the end of the day, he's just a video game character who's whole purpose is to entertain the consumer.

for the love of

*pulls out a assault rifle and fires afew rounds in the air*

alright you all be quiet or the next one goes right between the eyes


@supersonic1009: you asked for it *shoots right between the eyes of supersonic1009*

and dont you all give me that look he asked for it

@G.B.A: Do we really want to know his past? does the Sonic the Hedgehog manual not give enough information? I mean come on! What else do we need to know about Sonic the Hedgehog coming for christmas island, besides the possible theory that he may been ANOTHER prototype of the Ultimate Life From created by Professor Gerald in a hidden lab on earth to counter Shadow the Hedgehog's personality with the belief that he was an actual Hedgehog from earth, but only to find out that he was from alien DNA, created by the blood of BLUE SKY! The older, more powerful sister of Black Doom, who may look friendly on the outside, but in truth, is a sadistic, power-hungry psychopath, with no respect for life itself and is also sado masochistic, that Sonic had to kill before he LOST HIS MEMORY before he sees eggman for the first time 50 years later, as he has a slow ageing ability, because I am sure that's all we ALL WANT TO HEAR FROM SEGA!


You're have been reading bad fan-fictions again haven't you?

@G.B.A: Listen bub, if ever do a Sonic prequel, we don't want to hear the ''ALIENS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING'' gimmick again! It was bad enough that Shadow came from the blood of an insane, war-loving, alien! Look at Jet the Hawk, his ancestors came from space as well, they messed up Blaze's backstory with the whole ''alternate universe thing to guard the Sol emeralds'', to the ''Guss what, I am from the future, everything you know about me is a lie'', if the current Sega writers(the same writers who did Sonic 06) do an orgin story for Sonic, they need to be careful, because one little mistake can mess up a whole story from the series that takes place after the events of everything that happened later.





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