Darker and Angstier


June 29th, 2013, 4:35 pm

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Hey guys, re-read this while listening to His World. Trust me, it's hilarious.


G.B.A, June 29th, 2013, 3:59 pm Reply

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XD I like tails look when screaming.. XD Priceless

Now thats a Dropping huge Jaw! XD

Tails`s mouth looks like a urinal.

Sonic has succumbed to the darker aspects of his natural instincts, including the desire to survive, trample, and oppose over opposition, and on a metaphysical level, the natural occurrence and manifestation of loss decline, and even destruction and death, in other words, this is Sonic the Hedgehog willing to be the best at ANY COST!
Eggman:Sonic! I beat you at speed! Now I am the fastest being in the universe!
Dark Sonic: I,ll drag your soul to hell!
Eggman: O-o
Am I looking too much in to this? I am still can't believe that Dark Sonic, who only came for a few seconds in ''Sonic X'', would become one of the most popular forms in all Sonic media, has not even become part of the games! You would think Sega by now would have used this particular version of Sonic, instead, he gets the ''My Little Pony'' treatment. I will see the new ''Sonic Boom'' show that will come on TV this year, since it leads to comical stuff, will you see it yourself?


1. Dark Sonic is the most uncreative 'form' ever made in the Sonic Lore in my opinion. I would have used Dark-spine Sonic but that involves jumping a certain book.

2. No comment about the show.

3. And yeah, you're looking TOO much in to this.

BTW Are you the same Guest/Person who has been terrorizing the comments here on this web-comic?

Nah, I'm just a fan who enjoys stories on this site, rather they be funny or serious, but the concept of Sonic being writing by the makers of My little Pony is strange in so many ways!


Do you have an actually name you go by? Because calling you Guest is gonna be... awkward.

Me? Well, you can call me, WorldBreakerWerehog, I'll put that on the guest title from here on out dude. You keep doing what you do best, make people laugh.

@Guest: Some of us (like myself) happen to be fans of MLP (at least, the current show, anyway). Note that I avoided the "b" word.

I'm a little upset that you're so quick to write off both MLP:FiM AND the new Sonic show (which I have yet to find any actual confirmation of; I only have your word, in fact).


Don't get your knickers in a twist.

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