This looks familiar...


July 21st, 2013, 11:15 am

Like an old recipe of disaster

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Referencing an old gag that Dslad loves so much:

And you're all probably wondering if this comic WILL ever have a proper fight scene.

Pfft, keeping dreaming there buddy.


(Spoilers: It's made by me :D).

Enjoy. Well, if you want to that is... it's like your opinion... man.
G.B.A, July 21st, 2013, 11:20 am Reply

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You stoled that Video from G.B.A


Dangit, now I have MORE videos to distract myself with on YouTube. Thanks for that. *subscribes*

hehe better nazo then any of us

Rice Crispys!

Oh snap O.o Oh snap Nazo is probably gonna die on the next page

I don't what is much worse, Sonic without the remorse in a pure instant state, or Eggman in nothing more but a bikini.


Why not both?

@G.B.A: Sonic with the Surge of Murderous Intent is just him willing to defeat his foes at all cost, eggman in a bikini is just pure frighten!

What about the Fleetway’s Super Sonic vs the Powerpuff Girls? He would most likely beat the daylights out of them! LOL!

@Guest: The Powerpuff Girls would loose badly, very very very very very very badly against that version of Super Sonic.

you know the last panel when nazo was doing that no bit kind of reminds me of the sonic quest for power 3 end

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