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September 12th, 2013, 8:59 am


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Aaalllrriiggghhhtttt! That was cool!
G.B.A, September 12th, 2013, 8:59 am Reply

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Trippily trippin'.



O.o what the!? Deus Ex Machina!? really!? well...Da-NA-NA-NAAAAAH!!!

So Earth is now Mobius? Sweet :D


I'm following the game's lore. Not the comics.

Oh for the love of... There was never a Mobius, there was never a Sally Acorn, there was never a group of Freedom Fighters (I mean really, Sonic working for the law? give me a break, Since when did Sonc need any reason to save anyone? Sonic is a vignette hero, not some government pupput, where were they when Dark Gaia was unleashed? Doing nothing, that's what. Archie Comic Sonic (also knwn as Sonic Prime) is not Sega Sonic (Mainstream Sonic), Sonic does not put people to jail. Sonic would never associate with the government, forgot all that garbage that Archie tells about him, that is not the Sonic we all know.

@qazox: Oh heck no, keep the Archie comic nonsense out!

Here's one of the many problems that Sonic fans have With Archie Comics.
1. Sonic is looking for older girls... I can't even began to imagine why he go so far as to look for girls who are older then him, unless he is absolutely desperate, in fact, he went so for as to wanting to date Amy of all people.
2. TOO. MANY. ECHIDNAS!!! Knuckles is suppose to be last Echidna on the face of the earth, yet in the Archie comics, they are millions of Echidnas rooming around on Mobius, it just destroys the concept of him being the LAST of his kind.
3. Scourge the Hedgehog... a hedgehog who is based of the Justice Lords... yes, Archie went so far as to copy DC comics(I am not ready a big DC fan, I am more of a Marvel, P.S. Spider-Man are Deadpool are amsome), just so the fans can try to make them look like big time supervillains, please Archie, Even Black Doom puts that puitful looser to shame.


I wish I had this amount of strange comments on my other Non-Sonic related comics.

What a shame.

@G.B.A: You should be Greatfull that you even have comments like this, that comes to show you and many people that actually care about the characters, not many Sonic fans can have a good/meaningful comment about these characters, what Archie does for these characters are very different then what SEGA does for these characters, but really, Sonic should never be a part of the government, Saga Sonic denies what the politicians say about him, rather they label him a vigilantly hero who takes the law into his own hands, this this one of the main reasons why Sonic will not join G.U.N., because he knows that they will try to control him, and use him as a weapon of war, now I'm being serious, just think outside of the box of the Sonic games when he was helping the government, that reason for him to help them was only because of the Black Arms invading Earth, Archie Sonic on the other hand actually follows what the politicians say about, they are the ones who tell him who the bad guys are, to make it worse, he does not question them,Archie Sonic needs to realize that the government is the ones who are always right, he spends more time.following what the book says a
says instead of following what his heart says, Sega Sonic help people because of what he thinks is right, Archie Sonic does it because its his job, he has no problems arresting Tails or Amy, or even any other hero for doing vigilntely justice, if he saw the Sega Sonic, chances are he would arrest him for taking the law into his own hands, Sega Sonic is above Law and Order, Archie Sonic is not.

@Guest: WELLUM...

This ain't no Sonic Archie comic, sooooooooooo....


Because most fans thinks that Archie Comics are part of the games, and they need to realize that there are alternative universes of Sonic, that games have nothing to do with Archie comics.

@Guest: But still, did we need the walls of text?

Talk about it on the forums if you mussssssssst.

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