Dreams of an absent


October 7th, 2013, 11:56 am


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Rubber-Me-Not-Timeline is now officially over.


Our guest stars of this arc were:

Silver the Hedgehog
Tikal the Echidna
Ray the Squirrel
Random Human Beings
MegaMan Tales G.B.A as the Cashier (I can't believe nobody noticed)
Charmy the Bee
Dark Sonic


Thanks for reading the story arc, now sit back and relax as Dslad and I smash our head together for the upcoming arc.



In other news:

A finale for a finale.
G.B.A, October 7th, 2013, 12:02 pm Reply

Advertisement, July 22nd, 2018, 10:36 pm Reply

So G.B.A, how come there hasn't been any updates lately? Well it's simple really.

It's Hiatus time.

We'll be back during February.
G.B.A, November 23rd, 2013, 6:47 am Reply

Swaggity swooty, he's coming for that booty.


Man, I love this comic.

Oh my God...this is the scariest incarnation of Silver yet.

@supersonic1009: Agreed. D:

@supersonic1009: Exactly... I is scared about this timeline

i got a idea to fix silver *pulls out a big mallet* one good hit on the head to change his personality will do the trick

Okay what they have to do is go into the past, stop themselves from beating Nazo, put the old Silver in a machine that allows him to stay existant, then kill Nazo and then kill Reborn Silver.

This Silver would do well for the new Sonic Boom show, people have already seen a giant, muscled version of Knuckles, why not go all the way with Silver as well? Anybody else agree?

If Knuckles thinks that Silver looks strange, wait until he sees his Sonic Boom incarnation, just seeing the look on his face will be priceless.

Enough with the Sonic Boom jokes already, we get it, no one like Knuckles when he's all muscle! I have may have problems with it myself, but I don't complain about it,

@supersonic1009: Dude, Knuckles has Hulk-like arms, and the producer said himself that this stays true to the games, not only did the producer LIED to the fanbase, but he also said that Sonic Team will work on this CGI cartoon, with a body like that, Knuckles should be saying ''I lift things up and put them down'', and when Tails is endanger and must get the Tornado, he will also say ''Tails! Run! Get to the Choppa!'' what's next? a well healthly Eggman who has an attractive body for the ladies? we allready have Sonic, the Incredible FRIENDLY Werehog! This Silver would fit for Sonic Boom as well! Its funny but its possible.

... Oh my gwad. Im out of dounts. *Someone points at silver. OhMYGWAD!!!

Silver... please, don't become like this in Sonic Boom, the games are the last place where fans take you seriously, besides Sonic 06, all because the current producer couldn't do a serious story right, at least he did good with Secret Rings and Black Knight, Unleashed was okay, but those writers were different then the former ones. The correct producer can only seem to do good with lighthearted stories with a tone of Sonic Colors, he hired new writers to help make those games, he can't do a serious story like Yuji Naka did before he left Sega. When Yuji Naka was still around for the games, he wanted the Sonic games to be like a serious anime game for everyone, he helped produced games like the Sonic Adventure series, Sonic Battle, and even Sonic Heroes, that game many have been lighthearted, but it still had that Sonic tone that was serious and nowhere near the lighthearted level of Sonic Colors and Generations, the reason why those games worked is because they had a balance, they new when to take things very seriously, and new when to relax and joke around, the Shadow The Hedgehog game was made to be very serious on purpose for the Shadow fans back then, this was before Shadow became a G.U.N. solider, that game was made to appal to the hardcore Shadow fans only, He even helped produced Sonic X, he stated that the show has no major impact on the games so nobody will get confused and match it with the games, now Sonic X wasn't all that kid friendly, Sonic X was pretty serious too at times, it had conflict, drama, depressing, and some blood in the japanese version, but that show also had a balance too, it had friendship, family, some romance, team work, and even morality, Sonic X was also the closet show that stayed with the games, that was actually an anime, other Sonic cartoons that were made in the United States are always using elements from the Archie Comics, which are far from the games, if Yuji Naka was still around working for Sega and had produced Sonic Unleashed, the Werehog in terms of story would not be the way he was in that form, Sonic would have actually inner conflict with the Werehog, and it certainly wouldn't be anything like Sonic Colors and Generations.

@Guest: I usually read these, really I do, but not this time.

Get the hell out.

@Guest: Hey hey. You. Hey. Hey listen.

Shut the fuck up

@Rushaos: There is no need for the likes for your kind to use foul language, if your have the desire to rid yourself from an individual's opinions, do so in a more respectful way.

Why do people always seem to forget the fact that the Sonic series ls a video game series and not a Shaolin Jump anime? Sega can write Sonic for whatever they want him to be, he can be as goofy and stupid like Patrick star from Spongebob, and can be as serious and as deep as Goku. Remember, Sonic is a video game series, not a Shaolin Jump anime, you people want the Sonic series to be like Shaolin Jump go play Sonic 06 and Shadow The Hedgehog. You want the Sonic series to be fun lke Mario games, go play Sonic Colors and Generations.



Just stop.

Everyone. Just stop.

I'm getting sick and tired of these comments. I make these comics for fun and laughs.

If you are SERIOUSLY want to go and debate whether or not Sonic is greatest thing ever since slice bread than please go to some forum and discuss there.

@G.B.A: just disable guest comments

heh, pun

@Smiffy SMF <3

And this is why we can't have good things.

I just notice something funny about this story, Sonic ant fighting aliens, he went from fighting monsters of the week, to fighting aliens of the week! For examples, the time eater, the deadly six, yet the Wisp are more powerful then the Black Arms, why? well their hyper go-on energy allows them to teleport planets, you can use something like that in your next funny chapter,

Wow, This has to be the most strange, yet freaking funniest web comic I've seen, I wonder how the Werehog would fit here? Really, I do.

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