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February 6th, 2014, 3:38 pm


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For you guys if you haven't seen the video: s


It looks wild, cool and groovey. What do you guys think?
G.B.A, February 6th, 2014, 3:38 pm Reply

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It's a neat take on the series if you ask me. And since its a separate series it does no harm to the main series just like Archies and Fleetway before it.

For Sonic and Knuckles, it's more like "eh, I can live with this" to me.

But I actually prefer Amy and Tails' redesign. Not that there's a whole lot of redesign on Tails, just some accessoires.

I think they could make Knuckles a little shorter.

Knuckles is a bit out of proportion, he should be reduced just a tad, however the others are actually have a great redesign

only one thing feels weird here, what is up with so many bandage wrappings?

The funny thing is that I was like "woah what if we had a four player adventure with Sonic Knuckles Amy and Tails. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!"

And now I get it. What the frick.

Brb squeeing.

Ok I'm not to big on the Knuckles Design. But every one else looks cool. Also the game play looks pretty sweet. Though I don't much like the graphics, they look kinda Game Cubey...But then again, It IS a WIP game.


I like it.

ALSO, it looks like it might actually have a good story....

Edit: Here for more info....

For me it's just Knuckles, I don't mind anything else. Just scale Knuckles down a little bit, but that's just me.

... I don't know, for one, it bothers me that nobody in this series seems to have a neck.

If Knuckles was a bit shorter, I think he'd be fine, I think the bandages are a bit silly (Especially on Sonic - I'm sure running at the speed of sound with all of those dangly things is COMPLETELY practical).

Otherwise I'm fine with the designs, and the show looks like it'll be hilarious.

Also, why is Amy a Kunoichi now?

I like Amy's new character. She doesn't seem like a stalker with a crush anymore. Also, in the trailer when everyone's falling, Amy makes a three-point landing while everyone else flops on their faces.

Me two and its not bad.

It looks good.

Sony said that they may do a Sonic movie one day, we don't know if it will tie to Sonic Boom or be with the main series, now who do you think will be the producer, Michael Bay or Christopher Nolen?

Michael Bay sucks, He may do good with explosions and CGI, but killing off Prime in revenge of the falling was a bad idea, and yes, I know Sony may do a Sonic movie, but if Michael Batly is going to that movie, just don't have a boy be biger then you know, Sonic and the gang.


I like the designs. (Except for Knuckles)

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