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March 15th, 2014, 12:53 pm


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Yep... we're heading into some "Questionable" territory right here.


Rougher than Knuckles.
G.B.A, March 15th, 2014, 12:53 pm Reply

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She thought you were fiiine!

Meh. Let her eat Eggman's omelets.
Hated Sonic '06 anyway.

Who? Exactly.

I have good news for you, remember the Sonic movie that Sony said may happen? it turns out that it was true, there really is going to be a Sonic movie, more information about this movie is also going be for the older audience, in other words, this movie is going to be rated PG-13, Sony has also stated that this movie will be a mixture of CGI and live action, so it may be very similar to the Transformers movies, not in terms of story, but in terms of how it look. You can look it up online, it seems really interesting.

@Guest: So basically, it will be like that Sonic fan film that one guy made, but with an actual budget.

@Jarkes: Yes it is, and Sony even said that it will be for the older audience, meaning that its going to be PG-13, Sony did pretty well with the Amazing Spider-Man, I will give them a chance with Sonic. Who knows, it may tie to the mainstream Sonic series, the Archie Comic series, or heck, it might even tie to Sonic Boom, now remember, Sony said that it will be Dark and Edgy, so the movie will only be for teens, so far, they have the writers for the Deadpool movie that is being made, You can look it up for more information.


Oh boy, can't wait for another failure of attempt of 'dark' writing for the Sonic franchise again.

Because it has certainly work very well in the past...

@G.B.A: I'd say that the Sonic Adventure games succeeded in having a dark story without being TOO dark...

Later attempts, however? Not so much.


Sonic Lost World was pretty decent but there was so many plot holes and unexplained issues.

@G.B.A: Sonic Lost World was dark? I haven't played it, but I do remember reading that there are certainly a few moments where it gets really dark...

And I'm not sure what you mean by "no many plot holes and unexplained issues." Do you mean that there WEREN'T that many or that there WERE?



Note the sarcasm from the post.

The Storybook series did good as well when it came to writing a serious story, and the Fleetway comics are way darker then that of Archie's, all Archie has is Scourge, the Joker of the Sonic Archie universe, and Fleetway has bloodthirsty demonic Super Sonic, who seems to only attractive to cats, I'm talking about Ebony here, and they have Sonic the comic online, since a Sonic movie is actually made, hopefully, Sonic won't snap Eggman's neck unlike a certain Superhero from DC, in truth, they will most likely give him the ''Dark Knight'' treatment. The Sonic movie is going to be Rated PG-13, its going to affect a lot of Sonic fans just waiting to complain!


i hate sonic 06.


@G.B.A: I played the game sonic lost worlds, and just to say, they had some stupid things and some parts were just plain dumb

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