Good Vibes


July 8th, 2014, 5:37 pm


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Mephiles has to be a spoil sport.
G.B.A, July 8th, 2014, 5:37 pm Reply

Advertisement, May 24th, 2019, 2:16 pm Reply


Mephiles stop roleplaying.

He DID say he was the Teller of Tales. I suppose that means he can manipulate reality through his words.

@Ultimate Yoshi: Dear god...

Hes actually a threat!



Mephiles must have fanfiction powers!

Quick writer's block, save the day!

Cue Minecraft anvil sound effect

I've wanted to do that to the guy who sang the sonic theme song!

@G.B.A: How often do you update? Do you have a schedule?


I update which comic that appears on the bottom of my profile. That is the comic I usually update before it reaches last updated 20-25 days.

Just look at my profile and you'll see what's next.

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